Saturday, August 13, 2011

Slacker, Party of One

If you've checked my blog recently and found that there are no new posts, I apologize. My life has been organized chaos lately (minus the organized part).

I came home from nearly a month in Texas with my family and though I've been home a week I am still getting resettled. It doesn't help that I have a severe case of undiagnosed ADHD that prevents me from just unpacking. You see, I'm trying to unpack, clean, plan and prepare for a dear friend's baby shower at my house tomorrow, and, contradictory as it may be, I'm also starting to clean my house out in preparation for packing for our upcoming move. I just might have one too many irons in the fire right now.

So, needless to say, cooking has taken a back seat for the time being. I'm still cooking and documenting, but the process of actually blogging and uploading photos is beyond my reach right now. I'm hoping to settle back into my cooking and blogging groove next week. So stay tuned for photos of my jalapeno hummus recipe as well as a new punch recipe, an iced coffee recipe, a couple scone recipes and a classified recipe that will stay secret until after the baby shower.

Thanks for being patient, and try me again in a week or so for some new material!

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